Sound Artist Miyako Masaoka performs at the Park Avenue Armory

Focus Lighting and the West Harlem Art Fund are so pleased to collaborate with artist Miyako Masaoka on sound art performances and events for the Arches of Harlem. This collaboration will offer the public immersive experiences that will be paired with light based art. Masaoka has been chosen by jazz artist Jason Moran for an intervention at the Park Avenue Armory under their 2019 Artists Studio program. We hope that New Yorkers will come out and support Miyako Masaoka in the Veterans Room at the Armory.

A prolific and consistently experimental composer, improviser, and performer, Miya Masaoka has developed a legendary reputation in New York and in global jazz and avant-garde circles with her compositions that expand on our understanding of sound. A longtime explorer of the intersection of technology and music-making, her practice includes performances with interactivity in her ongoing considerations of temporality and perception. The multifaceted artist premieres The Long Arc of Time, a new chamber work that draws from the music and unique rhythm of Noh and Shomyo (Buddhist chant). Developed with Noh actors and musicians from Japan and celebrated soprano Kamala Sankaram, the work ruminates on loss, rebirth, and transcendence and contemporizes the disruption of reality while challenging our senses in a new and radical way. This libretto is based on poet Tracie Morris’s Grey: A Tale of Time, and was commissioned by Masaoka for this occasion.

Tickets can be purchased by phone by calling the Box Office at (212) 933-5812 Monday–Friday, 10:00 AM–6:00 PM.

Image: Heike Liss