Hilton Als talks on James Baldwin

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Cities across the US are planning events to commemorate the centennial of the Harlem Renaissance, a historic movement that fueled the Great Black Migration and also introduced the Jazz Age shortly after WWI.

On February 5th, curator and radio host Savona Bailey-McClain interviewed Hilton Als, Pulitzer Prize-winning theater critic and writer for the New Yorker on his exhibition of James Baldwin at the David Zwirner Gallery.

Born during the Harlem Renaissance, James Baldwin grew up and matured during this dynamic period. His writing was an outgrowth of his life experience and was also influenced by writers of the period. The Harlem Renaissance helped foster a literary tradition—a literary tradition that continues to influence writers today.

The David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea is presenting an exhibition on James Baldwin through February 16th. Artists included in the exhibition are Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon, Alvin Baltrop, Beauford Delaney, Marlene Dumas, Ja'Tovia Gary, Glenn Ligon, Alice Neel, Cameron Rowland, Kara Walker, and James Welling, among other artists.

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Hilton Als and Andrea Clearfield Interview on State of the Arts NYC